Pedestal Mount for forklift

Pedestal Mount for forklift

Still Clamp mount 0711708

EAN: 7320282162627
Cikkszám: 216262
Bruttó ár:  16 764.-HUF

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Still Clamp mount 0711707 20-22
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Still Clamp mount 0711708
Still Clamp mount 0711708
Still Clamp mount 0711708 20-22

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Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the mount.
1. Make sure that the till Clamp mount 0711707/071170 (not included) is properly in place and placed in a suitable position for your installation.

2. Place the mount onto the Clamp mount so the holes match. Attach the mount with the enclosed screws.

3. Adjust the angle of the face plate. Tighten the screws so the mount is firmly in place.

4. The mount is in place.


For attachment on Still Clamp mount 0711707/0711708 (not included). Radial AMPS holes. Made of metal.
Forklift mount for attachment on a Still Clamp mount 0711707/0711708 (not included). Very strong construction that withstands the wear and tear in daily professional use. For a firm installation of handheld communication devices on the A-post in a Still forklift. Keep your device within easy sight and reach for a more efficient, safe and comfortable work day!
Radial AMPS holes for easy attachment of a Pedestal Mount or a device holder, it makes it easy to adjust the installed equipment into the desired angle. Made of metal. Color: black. Made in Sweden.